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Your system for successful network development

What happens when you open a new showroom for electric vehicles in the middle of HafenCity in Hamburg or Times Square in New York? Simulate the effects of planned changes and immediately see the direction in which the parameters develop.


OptiNet’s fast map module shows you where there is active potential and which customers you cannot reach because drive-times are too long. Easily find the ideal place for your location in a “what-if” scenario. Because you can see immediately during editing how the key figures change and you can react accordingly.


  • Interactive network maintenance
  • Optimise structures
  • Adapt market areas
  • Compare key figures
  • Visualise potential
  • Flexible content



OptiNet is our web-based network development system for sales and service.

Experience the powerful map module that supports your regional work. Representation of active market potential, market coverage, catchment areas – an ideal working basis and perfect presentation of results at the same time.


Customise areas easily


Concentrate 100% on your network. Easy operation makes this possible. With just a few clicks in the system, you get to results and arrive at your destination. For example, use the automatic creation of dealer catchment areas by drive-time to the nearest location.


  • Automatic creation of territories according to drive-time or potential
  • Territory assignment via drag-and-drop
  • Manage locations


Which customers do I really reach?


The drive-time analysis reveals the market coverage of regional potential. See which territories are not covered or which customers can get to another location faster due to automotive network structures.


  • Quickly identifiable with clear colour coding
  • Calculation based on drive-time, distance travelled or linear distance
  • Weighting individually adjustable


Dynamic representation down to the last detail


With the help of arrows, points or circles, you can see at a glance where and how much a dealer has sold. Pump out data also show the dealer’s actual catchment area on the basis of his sales and whether a dealer is actually tapping the full potential of its area.


  • Combine multiple layouts
  • Clear program per location
  • Individual colour and layout settings


The most important information at a glance


A network KPI gives you a quick overview of the situation of your location network. Display key metrics according to driving time coverage or compare with your main competitor.


  • Analysis of your own structure and development
  • Comparison with selected competitors
  • Individual weighting of the drive-time intervals


Use your data!


In OptiNet, you can easily integrate additional data, such as the location of shopping centres or commercial areas. This makes it possible for you to include additional aspects in your network development. With the export of maps and data, you have many options for visualising your results. If you are an MIS customer, for example, an import of your current market data provides a reliable basis for planning.




We take care of your data and prepare it for use in OptiNet. Thanks to our experience, we can gain the maximum information from the data.


Ready for start

We provide you with an individually configured system that you can start using right away to represent your sales network. No complex and time-consuming project launch, no expensive programming work. After a short training, you will soon be working independently and productively.



After a training session, your designated contact person will assist you with technical questions about the system by phone or email.



If you ever need additional consulting services, such as a network study, our international team of consultants is at your disposal. OptiNet is the perfect basis for you to deliver good results quickly.


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Team Manager
Network Development
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Contact us now and together we can identify your needs. Receive your tailor-made solution: with our extensive services and product offerings, you are prepared for any market situation.


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