MISelements in detail

Your KPIs concisely visualised on flexible dashboards


Have you achieved your targets in the areas of financial products and leasing? Relate the number of sold vehicles to maintenance contracts or compare actual figures with target figures in the areas of parts, repairs and maintenance. In short: Convert your data into insights.


With MISelements, you receive a requirements-oriented solution that specialises in the flexible display of information on compact dashboards. Various items are available for the visualisation. We provide you with a pre-configured system that you can start using right away. After a short training course, you will soon be working independently and productively. MISelements combines high performance with user-friendliness.


  • Flexible content
  • Always up to date
  • Drag-and-drop to destination
  • Expertise included
  • Clear layout
  • Simple traffic light system



Quick overview
– quick insights

With these dashboards, you have your most important KPIs available at a glance.

Required action
made visible


Use big data in your work and benefit from intelligent market analysis. Data is transformed into insights that support you in your decision-making procedures. The KPIs you need on your dashboards are defined according to your requirements. A picture says more than a thousand words - that’s why the system visualises the KPIs and displays them in simple and clear illustrations.


Strong alone –
unbeatable together


MISelements unites with the quality of MIS, which has proven itself over many years with detailed market reporting and high-quality map displays. Whether as the perfect supplement to MIS or as a stand-alone solution – thanks to its dashboard layouts MISelements is a tool that provides you with a quick overview of your most important KPIs.



Every organisational unit in your company depends on robust data. Combine your different data sources and refer to either your own data or use our comprehensive selection. MISelements is the basis for all of your company divisions to access – from dealers and custom area management to national subsidiaries and headquarters. Thus numbers are comparable and your processes become more efficient.



Everyone only sees what he or she needs. Access rights are defined for each individual.



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